Firstly: bulk sets save SO much money. 120 markers for $99 (Amazon price) adds up to less than a dollar per marker. As opposed to paying $2-7 for individual colors, that is a steal. 
The markers come in a handy satchel with four different sides. For easier use, I split them by color and made a reference sheet. Oh-hu-who?? (I am so sorry)
These are fairly beginner-friendly. In terms of durability, after ~6 months, these tips haven't really frayed at all, which has been great-compared to my copic marker set which started fraying after roughly 3 months. 
And blending wise, I'd rate them a 7/10 because they do layer evenly-I don't need to go over them multiple times for good coverage- but honestly, I've just experienced better in terms of blending (namely, the Studio Series marker set).
Unfortunately, these do bleed a lot. Random specks of color appear on your page sometimes just by removing the cap. This is very dramatic but woe betide you if you're using super absorbent paper-you'll probably need to leave space within your lines. 
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