People who use markers know copic is that girl. 
These are definitely a high-quality brand, (as reflected by the steep price and glowing online reviews) so my expectations were high.  After using them two months, I acknowledge that these have great qualities worth the price (great brushes, quick drying, long lasting, great natural color), but they're not necessarily the "holy grail" of markers. 
I had to layer these often because coloring once left streak marks. Financially, they aren't beginner-friendly : I got the six markers for $35.99 at Plaza Art, but they're $29 on Amazon. This set of 6 markers cost almost the same as this 25-marker set from the Studio Series.
Very minimal bleeding-they stay well within the lines, and also dry quickly, which allows for faster work. 
Dual tip means two brushes on either side: one wide and one fine. However, the hairs on the brush did fray a bit over a two month period. Here's what they look like: the brush side (left) and the fine side (right):

Some examples of the markers in action-of course, skin color only:
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