Welcome! Next markers up for review are the Windsor & Newton ProMarkers. After using the W&N oil paints for several years, I was surprised to learn they also make illustration tools, and thought it would be interesting to try something different from the brand. 
These do come in packs, however I decided to purchase six colors Individually : Cool grey, Ice grey, Tan, Cinnamon, Apricot, Coral, Chestnut, Violet, Slate  
First things first-Price: At $3 a pop they’re half the price of the copics markers, so definitely a more affordable option for those seeking an alternative. Additionally, these lasted quite a bit with regular use (4 months, used roughly 3-4 times a month) 
The brushes have a pen/bullet nib (left) and a wide nib (on the right). The wide nib is very angular, which has a peculiar effect: it can leave streaks but if you get used to it, they can create a lovely texture. 
These do blend fairly well, but I think they might have been better if I had also bought the blender. They don’t bleed much with regular paper, and not at all with art boards.
As the palette sheet shows, these are pretty vibrant but not too saturated, which makes them suitable for working on both backgrounds or more major elements such as skin.  And while I only got six, they really had a great range of colors. Here's an example of use below: 
Dinner Date (Skin color only)
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