To be honest, I only got color pencils to complement my marker art. I've only used them for additional texture on top of marker drawings so that's the basis of this review.
These ran me $42.99, and I got them alongside the Ohuhu Dual-tip markers (120 set) from Amazon. When looking into color pencils, I didn't really do a lot of research. Prismacolor is probably the most popular brand, so they made the most sense to buy. 
Getting straight to the point, I have no major complaints here-these were such a great decision. Just look at the amount of texture and detail I can incorporate into my work now. 
They blend easily enough-and the lead isn't very tough on paper, which is lovely. 
The only downsides so far have been specific colors which are hard to work with, for instance: silver. Unless you're using black or dark colored paper, it's not going to do much for you 
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