Sometime in 2020, I started a collective with a group of artists! 
After the success of the ENDSARS live art protest, where we were able to raise money for donations to various peaceful orgs in the country, we wanted to sustain the amazing feeling of supporting artists and giving back to the community.
As cheesy as it sounds, we wanted to make life easier for other creatives in Nigeria, and also build stronger relationships between everyday Nigerians and the artists who live and work here. 
So what does that mean exactly?  
Our collective encourage support of local artists through several initiatives, such as providing artists with community sourced donations of art supplies. We collect donations used to fund grants, which typically consist of art supplies to help artists in need continue creating. We also provide art talks,  mental health resources and more!
If you're a supporter of the arts, consider donating to ARC! We have a good track record of empowering emerging creatives in Lagos with even the smallest donations.
 If you're a Nigerian based artist, please apply to be considered for a grant. Our selection process is easy and winners are selected by lottery.
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