Size: 18 x 24
Medium: Oil on canvas
 ‘Uprooted’ was created for an Exhibition with the theme of "Homesickness". 
Reflecting on what homesickness means to me, the word ‘Uprooted’ came to mind several times.  The sensation of homesickness was akin to that of being pulled from the ground where you’ve previously been anchored by family, friends, lifestyles, traditions et cetera.
But the upheaval of an old tree leaves space for a new one to grow. This new tree is symbolized by the small seed in the center. It’s connected to both the old tree and the the hands through intertwined root-a reminder that we can’t leave our pasts/backgrounds behind and they are the determinants of our present and our future with a new home.

Process pictures below: 

1- Sketch for the painting

2- Blank canvas with first layer

3-Mini-studio set up with linseed oil, mineral spirits, blue towel, neoprene coated gloves, paintbrushes, and palette

4- Work in Progress

5- Voila!

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