The Artist Resource Collective (ARC) is an artist-founded organization dedicated to supporting local creative talent in Nigeria. Since its inception in 2020, ARC has been actively fostering a thriving art community in Nigeria, through providing over N300,000 worth of grants (materials and supplies) to artists in need and hosting community events, especially our *first* in person  hangout/mixer which is open to artists of all backgrounds to informally network and build new connections!
ARC's dedication to nurturing the local art community is evident in our latest initiative—our successful ARC Hangout/Mixer.
The ARC Hangout/Mixer was a ticketed event that served as a platform for artists of all backgrounds to come together, network, and build meaningful connections. The event commenced with an interactive talk titled "Artists check-in: What's going on?" featuring keynote speakers Chigozie Obi, Morenike Olusanya, Amanda Iheme, and Adeoluwa Oluwajoba. This engaging dialogue set the tone for an evening of games and mingling—a celebration of artistic camaraderie.The funds raised from ticket sales were used to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable experience for attendees. 

Looking ahead, ARC has exciting plans in store for the Nigerian art community, such as the upcoming cycle of our Art Materials Grant, which aims to provide artists with the necessary supplies to fuel their creativity. This comprehensive grant program operates through five stages: (1) calling for donations from the public, (2) accepting applications from artists who request supplies, (3) selecting winners through a lottery, (4) dispatching materials to the designated recipients, and (5) providing regular updates on the grant cycle's progress via their social media platforms. As a non-profit collective, all leftover funds are invested in upcoming events/projects. The collective makes no profits. 

ARC's ambitions extend beyond material support. We envision a future where our impact reaches artists of all mediums and stages across Nigeria. Additionally, we plan to host more community events and eventually launch art education outreach programs in secondary & tertiary institutions, fostering a love for the arts from an early age. We are also dedicated to offering guidance and support to early career artists by organizing art exhibitions, to spotlight emerging talent, granting them exposure and valuable experience. 

Collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations willing to support our cause is another essential aspect of our future plans! For those inspired by ARC's vision, there are various ways to support our endeavors. Donations are always welcome and can be made through our online platform, available at 

Additionally, you can follow ARC on social media and share posts and calls for support, to help amplify our message and reach a wider audience. Find us on instagram: & Twitter: @arcollective_ng. Lastly, ARC appreciates non-monetary support, such as offering physical spaces to host our events or covering logistics for artists to attend our gatherings. With your support, ARC can continue to provide invaluable resources, create empowering opportunities, and foster a thriving art ecosystem for Nigerian artists to flourish. 
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